Thursday 27 June 2013


John was brushing his teeth when it happened. A trick of the light, he thought. That conditioner has made my hair even shinier. John tried to focus on his teeth, but kept glancing back at the mirror, trying to catch the light in a different way. He finished brushing and leaned closer, his fingers inching towards the strand that wouldn't stop shining. He lifted it between forefinger and thumb, moved it this way and that, tried to pull it forward enough to see without the mirror.

But no matter how he looked at it, the hair refused to be black. A grey hair. His perfect hair was no longer perfect. John bit his lip. He thought about using a marker pen to make the grey hair black again, but he’d tried that with scuffed shoes in the past, and they had come up purple. John sighed. He would have to throw away his ‘Most Handsome Guy on the Planet’ mug.

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