Who Is This Katie Seth Person, Anyway?

Katie Seth is a novelist, short story writer and poet. She has been writing since before she can really remember, but has been taking it seriously for the last decade or so. She also draws, sometimes successfully.

In July 2013, Katie graduated from Roehampton University with a First Class degree in Creative Writing. 
During her final year at Roehampton, Katie won second place in the Hopkins Poetry Prize with 'The Deer are Not Here' and was a winner of the university's annual writing competition with her long poem, 'Write Club', which was published in The Trouble With Parallel Universes by Fincham Press in 2014. Since then, she's had a few ups, downs and diagnoses, but will hopefully be ready to publish her debut novel by Autumn 2021.

Katie's work has also been published in Astronaut Zine and Roehampton Writing Society: Anthology 2012.

Katie currently works as a fiction editor and writing tutor over at Blueberry Books, where she publishes advice and tips for writers.

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