Monday 28 October 2013

The Deer Are Not Here

stomp and slide
all is dead, wet and still slips
but hold onto
the least slimy tree and
bright and the green promise
beneath the cold

sharp claws and bark
pawprint spring in the soil
the dark moss is soft and safe
for small paws to prowl upon
but dead leaves mislead us and we step
on ground that isn't
and bark

deep green and crisp smells
in cold air. the deer are
not here today but
can you smell them?
i cannot smell them but you
follow paths i cannot see and you
chase invisible things through
empty trees

bird song and noises
the brambles shift and you
dart inside
through tunnels. you have
a small leaf on your ear
and mud.

on the stump of a fallen tree and
breathe. the air
is thick today and pollen.
pale yellow
light through green
and we rest on ivy covered
tree stumps

frost has turned to dew
there are daffodils today
we pass them and see leaves
there will be bluebells soon
and we will take pictures because
we cannot take the bluebells

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