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Short Stories

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(Sorry, I'll try and get some more prose uploaded soon - 26/10/2020)

A short head-hop around the classroom.
You were warned.
Flash Fiction. Too short to summarise.

Not Enough
A short bus ride of angst and regret.

Drifting Together

I am currently working on my debut novel, Drifting Together, which will be published Summer 2021! 

If you'd like a taste of the novel or to start exploring the world, two of the main characters are poets and I’ve uploaded some of their (mostly) spoiler-free poems.

Will Pearce Poetry

Dance Partners
The Slimy Things with Legs (Spoiler Alert! Will's Backstory)
To Be Seen
Your Shoes

Songs of Sylvan

I Just Want to See Her Float (Spoiler Alert! Catherine's Backstory and slight book one spoilers)
That Last Carefree Day (Spoiler Alert! Mostly for chapter one of book one but there are also some slight spoilers for books two and three)

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