Thursday 29 October 2020

Your Shoes

come inside love
set down your bag

hang up your coat and
please, kick off your shoes
every one else's too because
I can see how they crush
and overwhelm
you're always so careful
with other people's
feelings, thoughts, problems
but, love, you are allowed
to have your own
and you need time to just
be at home
in you

come inside, love
put your feet up
on my sofa and I'll
get the kettle on
you are always welcome in
my mind, you know
you can tell me anything
you are safe here to relax
and just be
with me, if you need to vent
to scream, to dance, to cry
you can, I promise I won't bite
and tell, and I can see your
secrets, your fears, your darkest
hopes, keeping me warm
in my grave

come inside, love
please make yourself
at home, I sleep like the dead but
you can let yourself in
any time of night
or day and
curl up beside me just
be yourself here, love
and rest awhile, with me
you need to take some time
for you
can't always walk
In other people's shoes

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