Thursday 9 June 2016

Hypothetical Houses

flawed foundations
and missing bricks
cemented with pop science
and frantic faces, philosophies, fingers
casting stones and
a house of sticks
is vulnerable to wind
and wolves
and worries
pigs in insecurity blankets
plaster volume across the gaps in
board windows with recycled reason and Nazis
barricade doors with misunderstandings
until the house is a sanctuary
and it grows
defences escalate and walls rise
providing safety from savages, preachers, Satan
the pitter patter of imagined insults on boarded windows is deafening
so shut the curtains
turn up the arguments
chat to the plumbing to pass the time
until nothing exists but the house and the D:Ream on the television
forget the foundations           
forget the reason
forget the missing bricks and the parallel sticks
just believe that no other houses exist
pretend that everything is concrete
everything is absolute

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