Saturday 3 October 2020

Take All Items (You Are Overweight! You Cannot Run!)

this bag is getting heavy now
fraying at the seams and straps
and misshapen memories are hard to find
in this mess of receipts I no longer need
a haphazard collection
of loot and labels
and loss
my shoulders ache and the weight of
all this junk cuts
and blisters
but I cannot run
cannot grind, cannot quest
with this collection of shadows
trinkets, coins
and with more experience
the danger has passed
I am stronger now but
I need to drop some items
to pick up anything new
so, time to unpack this discomfort
this bulk
time to let go
of beliefs, reputation, armour
I do not need
didn't want
or didn't notice
there are things in here I have
no memory of but
they weigh me down all the same
things I have taken, looted
from enemies, NPCs
abandoned quests
and things I buried
to survive
deep, hidden treasures
and unexplored skills
somewhere in my bag
my original stats are tucked
away and every
roll I ever made is
every win
every death
and every unsaved failure
I have kept it all
but no more
so, time to check each pocket
and clear inventory slots
because this bag is getting heavy
now it's time to level up

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