Sunday 11 October 2020

You Wouldn't Treat Your Home Like This!

you wouldn't treat your home like this
but people do
even now
with such casual disregard
such apathy
as if the most mistreated mother
doesn't deserve our love
our help
as if she will tidy up after us
but even she
giver of life
of everything
has an edge
she is a patient mother
so generous that we forget
her power
jer cruelty
her story
over the aeons
she has worked to build our home
evolving systems and cycles
where nothing is ever wasted
it has taken millennia
to create this beautiful home
and even now
as she struggles to breathe
she is waiting
on her most ungrateful children
to grow up and do their bit
she doesn't expect
us to do everything, alone
but she needs our help
the mess we've made
is killing her
our home is
falling to ruin
with the abuse
and her patience
is growing thin
but still we turn up the heat
and she cannot afford it
she needs change
from all of us
before the world defrosts
and the water damage is too much
and, yes
even then
she will tidy up after us
when we have thrown away
our chances and her patience
finally runs out
she will clean up after us
she will be ruthless
she will cleanse our home
with water, with fire, with fury
she will wash it all away
and when there is nothing left
and the dust finally settles
she will mourn the loss
of all her children
shrouded in darkness
and desolate despair

And she will clean up
long after us

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