Tuesday 13 October 2020


this world is barren
and lonely
so lonely
the thirst is all you know
and the emptiness
is killing you
in silence

it isn't quite heat
you can't even recall
the last time you felt warm
safe, anything
but this burning absence
you can't quite name
is consuming you

there are words you use
but they don't begin
to describe the
and the pain
in the haze

but you keep trying
for the thing
that elusive thing
you can't remember
like the blurred
glare on a mirage

there have been sightings
glimpses over the years
and sometimes, even rumours
that people just stumble onto it
and never need to search
but even they can't say
where to find it

and you want to believe
it exists, somewhere
it does, you know it does
deep down
you know it exists
it has to
be here somewhere

because this drought
cannot be all there is
for you
you can't even picture
what you are looking for
but you are sure
so sure, you'd know it

if only you could feel

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