Saturday 12 December 2020



white giant. hollow to the ears, he hears. never pliant in silence, pink eyes company for all-nighters. pink knows ink grooves and grinds and ink grows and ink shows and paws together, disapproves. altogether disapproves. ink grooves are deep and when each sheep sleeps pink keeps the fence. intense nervousness turns and stern black ferns threaten curves and angles contradict angers and hollow carrots.


lines sink into skin thick around flies, eyes so blue they’re black, so black they ripple. the fickle wrinkles of a mind are in the blue, in the mind the gap, the blind gap, the gap that slips between upper and lower lips, only visible in the miserable shadow of the shadow of a nose. nose round and pointed and pale in slight light, brown like a half-indian tan staring down staring down stealing ceiling fan, sealing searing ripples from over brushed green crushed spikes like lights seen by ants and a heart the size. no pants but an art that lies. pink stained stomach unstrained and bare contours to spare, to share, round brown contours thick skin and ears, fears, tears and wrinkles. the wrinkles never bothered us but you look so.


the one with short hair is the man. pink diamond.


more often lost than found, babies cannot have tattoos. even the blue haired babies cannot have tattoos even in blue and even the most irresponsible parents cannot tattoo babies when they are more often lost then found.


the great sheep are gay and the great sleep in gales and the great graze. the greet will stay and the pale bell’s bleat beckons and gold. young but old endless black eyes endless black sees. the seas are curls. they are curtains, are courage and curve and swerve and swirl and sneeze. in cartoon dreams platoons and playful. in cartoon dreams endless drowning grey swoons. heavy stares but blankly but blunt and bendy but blessing. pale brown stale if not baked and not at all and not at all but paint. mistake the curls and believe the girls. for there is not enough in the trough. there is not enough only fluff and the ram has gone gruff and the ram is dead and the ram is dead and the ram is dread, gone beeping or bleating or beating endless black under grey gone back. gold bleats the pale bell. gold and pale the bell gold and pale or goat and ale and frail but bearded and no tail to tell of no tale no tail to see. pink ears, pinker smile.


winding up a dinosaur is no fun when all he does is shake his head.


almost faceless yet in the space pensive and wise. a clown if desired and a soldier when required. good. wooden and fixed yet flexible to an extent. Christ or jester or best guess ballerina. inner strength resting on metal and fixed. clicks and springs and clicks and springs and push him just too far just too far just to father an imperfect.


donkey is happy. ignorance is bliss and this: donkey is happy. donkey is happy. donkey is happy and grey. donkey hears with misaligned ears and donkey has no tail but ignorance.


nodding head and wagging wire but tapping feet unsure. a feat for sure. innocent ignorance but pure impurity respawned. forewarned is four pawed but none too wise in deer’s disguise. with no fears, no ears at all, a bright red smile and painted eyes. unable to hear and unable to heed unable to decide but only dance dance dance dance dance collapse.


taut and tired with pointed tale tipped and tilted under tender teeth. resigned eyes, exhausted with whispers of kittens, mischief and painted whiskers. unhurt but alert, ears up and ready, ready to pounce on bedtime. bedtime. bedtime.

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