Friday 16 October 2020

The Sight of The Stars (Inspired by the art and writings of Vincent Van Gogh)

the universe does not exist
to be ignored or taken
for granted and we have had
enough of scepticism
so let us open our eyes, hearts, minds
and learn to see
beauty everywhere and colour
with enthusiasm
yes, there is darkness in the world
and it seems to seethe and swell
with malevolence and greed
but there is no reason at all
for us to remain ashore
and let its enormity overwhelm us
for if we do nothing
we are lost

so, have courage, ambition, love and
take up your pencil, your brush, your power
armed with these, we will set forth
to do what we cannot do yet
with such passion and such intensity
that the blank canvas is afraid
and the darkness itself
begins to feel
the world could still change
for the better

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