Saturday 17 October 2020

The Storm

a change
in atmosphere
calls in the clouds and
pressure begins to build
patches drizzle, drift and dazzle
across the field
until i can barely see
or understand at all
stressors compound and
the dark spreads through
scattered ions, signals, receptors
synapses strike
and again
the storm consumes
mind, memory, me
under waves that dilate
constrict, suppress
all activity
and there is nothing beyond
the thunder throbbing
pulsing, pounding, panic
the storm rages on
for days at a time
swirling nausea and pain
through every moment
and the air is too loud
the flashes too heavy
and the roar blinding
until all I know
is numbing pain
and dull confusion
the storm begins
to disperse
in a wake
of mixed up signals
bruised receptors
and finally
a sense of myself again

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