Monday 19 October 2020

Colours Swirling

there is chatter outside
but it feels hushed, expectant
excitement ripples through
scarves, skirts, saris adjusted
as so many shoes
are removed and the hallway
seems to hold its breath
the doors open
and a rush of sound
pulls families in
to dance
in time, in rhythmic circles
in celebration
of divinity, shakti, life
cycles unending
but everchanging, flowing
colours swirl
around the room
in fabric, embroidery, beads
in awe and a million mirrors
reflect faces, flushed and beaming
as they spiral
and turn together
mehndi patterned hands fill the fragrant air
with sounds of laughter, joy, dandiya
and sparks shine from every face
with the energy of play, of dance, of triumph
awakened and echoed around
the room in resonance
voices join together to honour
the eternal creation, love, meaning
at the centre of the circle
the room, the universe
giving light and song
to the divine
within all

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