Tuesday 20 October 2020

She's Not Dead Yet

it is no mystery
this thing that's killing her
only complacency, the arrogance
of decision makers and the illusion
of hopelessness
the condition is grave
but she is not yet beyond
our help and recovery
is still possible
the research has been done
her diagnosis is known
and the prescription is clear
but the commitments
and lifestyle changes
she needs are inconvenient
and immeasurable drops in the ocean
in a system that loves
to quantify, and calculate
immediate returns
the long-term investment in her health
is unappetizing
hard to swallow and harder still
to sell
but ghostly fingers reach out
in fear
in loss
in warning
as her colour slips away
and her dependents
lose their home
hope remains
and though one single treatment
will not cure her, each drop
makes a difference and
if we are quick with the right
combination of actions, operations
and detoxes
we can still save her
and millions more

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