Thursday 22 October 2020

Cooking Lessons

roll up your sleeves
and tie back your hair
wash your hands well
let's do this with care

now, stick to a recipe
or make it all up
measure down to the gram
or use any old cup

chop everything neatly
or tear, crush and grind
combine any flavours
that appeal to your mind

add it all to your pot
in any order you choose
let the aroma surround you
and admire the hues

use any tools that you like
but you cant beat a wooden spoon
and if you want to time your cooking
do it by the second or by the moon

next, season with herbs
according to your will
and stir it one way or another
for good or for ill

you can taste as you go
but be sure to let it cool
and if you're serving it to others
please use a different tool

when it's ready, dish up
garnish with leafy d├ęcor
now, sit down, enjoy
maybe come back for more

next time, do the same
and make it even better
perhaps it needed some salt
or could been wetter

you could try more ingredients
as many as you dare
but whatever you're cooking
just do it with care

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