Thursday 8 October 2020

Lurking Danger

the surface is still
a peaceful illusion
of glittering freedom
and rainbows painted
in love and in camaraderie

but the danger is rising, spreading
the insidious cold is setting in
and there are teeth
below the waves
and smiles in power

liars lead the hunt with their
wealth, their weapons and words
misdirecting policy and progress
even as they cheer and clap
the weight of survival elsewhere

hoarding luxuries and
essentials behind their human shields
screens and masks, polished
parade armour, battle cries, plans
priorities and slogans stacked

against the enemy, of course
but not always for the good
leaders are often willing to sacrifice
those at risk and those who care
for them the journey is perilous

and though shining schemes and props
appear to hold the surface steady
deep down we see the way they rest
on others crumbling
below the line

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